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PIAPEX Eğitimler


Developing sustainable products is possible by transforming product culture into corporate culture. PIAPEX transfers its real product management experiences based on many years to businesses with product management training types. Thanks to these trainings, product managers with an engineering, marketing, strategy, sales and customer perspective are trained and product life cycle processes are improved.


Design-Thinking Innovation Training

Kadın Kaya Tırmanışı

It is a training in which design thinking product management fundamentals are explained and real product stories are discussed in order to develop sustainable and competitive products and to integrate innovation and product management into the company culture. 


Design-Focused Innovation Workshop from Idea Generation to Launch

Kayak turu

These are workshops where the culture of innovation and product management is assimilated, the product management processes are understood based on real product ideas, and real product concepts or prototypes that are possible to invest as a result emerge.


NPDP Certificate Focused Innovation Specialization Training

Kaya Tırmanışçısı

This is a training organized to prepare participants who are planning a professional career in the field of innovation and product management to receive the internationally recognized NPDP certificate.


Innovation Workshop

Yüksek dağ

These are workshops where your product portfolio is analyzed and concrete decisions and action plans are created together with the participants, such as improving, making sustainable or retiring your existing products or services from a design-oriented perspective.

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