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We ensure that innovative, competitive, customer-oriented and sustainable products are produced.


We work for industry-leading products worldwide.



PIAPEX was founded on more than 15 years of technical and management experience in the field of technology. In the process from idea to product, we meet all of the technological and managerial needs of businesses under one roof. We provide end-to-end service at every step of the product lifecycle, from the idea stage to the customer, by putting product management at the center. At the beginning of these services are the Product Management Service, Product Coaching or Product Consulting, Management and Strategy Consulting, Human Resources Consulting and Corporate Trainings. In addition, with the PIAPEX Ecosystem, we provide the efficient use of resources by obtaining the services of different expertise that businesses need from a single source.

PIAPEX, from the foundations that enabled its establishment, until today in many industries such as

  • defense and environmental security

  • smart cities,

  • cyber security,

  • transportation (airpots and public transports),

  • tourism,

  • banking and finance,

  • telecommunication,

  • public and municipal

  • social media,

  • game

it has ensured the development of internationally successful products that include technologies such as

  • artificial intelligence,

  • natural language processing,

  • image processing,

  • payment systems,

  • automatic fare collection systems,

  • cloud computing,

  • virtualization,

  • big data analytics,

  • cryptography,

  • Embedded systems,

  • mobile application,

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

  • system and network

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