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Compilation of the Experiences in Turkiye from a Product Management Perspective

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Product management emerges as a multidisciplinary business line where engineering and social sciences should be carried out together. Whether product managers have started their careers in engineering or social sciences, they must strengthen their communication skills and gain industry experience. Considering that the markets where the products are offered have different social and cultural dynamics, the acquisition of sectoral experience and the use of this experience throughout the product life cycle play an important role in the success of the product.

In order to spread the product management culture in Turkey and to share the sectoral experience, the book "Compilation of Experiences in Turkey from the Product Management Perspective" was published under the leadership of the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV). In the book where valuable product management professionals share their experiences, Kadir Kuğu, the founder of PIAPEX, the first and only company providing product management services in Turkey, also contributed with his article titled "Sustainable Product Culture". You can quickly browse the topics in the book from the list below and access the book by clicking the link.

  1. Product (Management) and Project (Management)

  2. Sustainable Product Culture

  3. Digital Transformation Proposition in Product Management Leadership: The Product that Changes, Transforms

  4. Factors Affecting the Success of Product Innovation

  5. Lean and New Product Development

  6. Managing R&D and Marketing Interaction for New Product Success

  7. Using TRL in Technology Management

  8. Explore/Exploit Balance and Inter-Company Collaborations in the Innovation Process

  9. Discussions and Evaluations on University-Industry Collaborations in the Context of New Product Development

  10. Product Management and Expression in the World of Academia

  11. The Effects of Institutionalization on R&D and New Product Design Management in SME-Scale Firms

  12. Product Management in Financial Technologies

  13. Current Trends in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry from a Product Portfolio Management Perspective

  14. 'Real' Need-Oriented Product Management and Approach to Global Innovation in Small Home Appliances Industry

  15. Energy Sector Examples in Haute Couture Innovation

  16. Product Management and Color

  17. Product Management in Metaverse

Compilation of the Experiences in Türkiye from the Product Management Perspective
Download PDF • 3.27MB

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